Stand, Model, Communications Satellite, Intelsat IV-A

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In 1964, the International Telecommunication Satellite Consortium (Intelsat) was formed with the goal of creating and operating a global communication satellite system. In its first decade, Intelsat made substantial progress. Its notable achievements included beaming television coverage of the historic Apollo moon landing to over 500 million viewers worldwide. By the 1970s the system provided international digital voice communications and served an increased demand for television services.

To meet these expanding needs, Intelsat developed the Intelsat IV-A communications satellite, six of which were launched from 1975 to 1978. Built by Hughes Aircraft, the Intelsat IV-A series nearly doubled the transmission capability of its predecessor model, the Intelsat IV, with a larger more efficient solar array and more advanced electronics and antennas.

Hughes Aircraft donated a 1/24 scale model of the satellite, including this stand, to the Museum in 1975.