Aerial Cameras

The National Air and Space Museum’s aerial cameras have photographed or filmed birds, cold war secrets, the atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll, Indian ruins in the American Southwest, and scenes from Top Gun and The Great Waldo Pepper.

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Camera, Aerial, Type F-8, Rokuohsha (Konishiroku), Hand-Held, Japan Object Camera, Aerial, Konishiroku Model K-8, Japan Object Mount, Camera, Aerial, K-8, Japan Object Camera, Aerial, Tokyo Kogaku Type 1 Object Camera, Flexible Gun, Motion Picture, Rokuohsha (Konishiroku) Type 89, Japan Object Camera, Aerial, Rokuohsha (Konishiroku), Type 4 Object Tomioka Kogaku Gun Alignment Camera, Model 2 Object Camera, Aerial, Periscope, Flak Spotting, Asahi Denki, Japan Object Camera, Aerial, Japanese, Experimental, Kugisho Object Camera, Aerial, Japanese, Nippon Kogaku, Automatic Model 1, Type 2 Object Developer Kit, Japanese Object
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