Human Spaceflight

The Human Spaceflight collection spans decades of achievements from the first U.S. manned Mercury missions through Apollo, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station.

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Plates, Reflecting, Glenn, Friendship 7 Object Case, Hand-held Maneuvering Unit, Gemini Object Harness, Parachute, Borman, Gemini VII Object Harness, Parachute, Gemini XII Object Harness, Parachute, Gemini XII Object Mirror, EVA, Wrist Mount, Gemini 12 Object Visor Anti-Fog Pad Package (4), Gemini 12 Object Pen, Ball Point, AG-7, Apollo Object Kit, EMU Maintenance, Apollo 14 Object Neck Dam, Shepard, Apollo 14 Object Sunglasses, Apollo 11 Object Chronograph, Armstrong, Apollo 11 Object Display Case, Headset, Communications, Eisele, Apollo 7 Object Glove Dip Form, Right Hand, Swigert Object Chronograph, Lovell, Gemini 7 Object Chronograph, Young, Gemini 10 Object Chronograph, Borman, Gemini 7 Object Chronograph, Cooper, Gemini V Object Chronograph, Conrad, Gemini 5 Object Chronograph, Lovell, Gemini 12 Object Chronograph, Schirra, Gemini 6 Object Chronograph, Stafford, Gemini 6 Object Chronograph, Training Object Chronograph, Cunningham, Apollo 7 Object
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