Human Spaceflight

The Human Spaceflight collection spans decades of achievements from the first U.S. manned Mercury missions through Apollo, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station.

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Mercury Capsule MR-3, "Freedom 7" Object Flight Operations Manual, Freedom 7 Object Bag, Urine Accumulator, Glenn, Friendship 7 Object Helmet, GH-4-C, White, Gemini 4 Object Maneuvering Unit, Hand-Held, White, Gemini 4 Object Life Support Umbilical, White, Gemini 4 Object Chest Pack Ventilation Control Module, White, Gemini IV Object Gemini VII Capsule Object Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia Object Collection Assembly, Fecal, Apollo 11 Object Pouch, Storage, for Roll-on Urine Cuffs, Collins, Apollo 11 Object Ampule, Buffer, Apollo 11 Object Hatch, Block I, Apollo 4 Object Apollo Lunar Sample Return Container (ALSRC), Apollo 11 Object Flag, U.S., Lunar Object Indicator, Pressure and Quantity, Gemini V Object Kit, Medical Accessories, Command Module, Apollo 11 Object Kit, Medical Package, Lunar Module, Apollo 11 Object Cap and Bracket Dispenser, Core Tube Assembly, Apollo Object Camera, Stereo 35mm, Lunar Surface, Apollo Object Camera, Television, Apollo 7 Object Primate Capsule, Mercury Object Tool Carrier, Small, Apollo Object Pressure Suit, A7-L, Armstrong, Apollo 11, Flown Object
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