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920 result(s) Wright au Camp d'Auvours, 1908 Object Second Charles Flight, Ascent in Paris Object Photograph, Electric Spaceship for Manned Mars Flight Object By permifsion of the Patentees, this Engraving of The First Carriage, The "Aerial," is perfectly inscribed to the Directors of The Ærial Transit Company, by Their Obedient Servants Ackermann & Co. Object An exact Representation of M. Garnerin's Balloons, with an accurate View of The Ascent and Descent of the Parachute. Object Un Train de Plaisir Aérien Object Kosmische Fahrt Object Embrasement Deplorable de la Machine Aerostatique des Srs. Miolan et Janinet le dimanche 11 Juillet 1784 Object Garros Gagne le Grand Prix de l'aero club, 1912 Object Paulhan über Juvisy Object The first Ascent (unaccompanied) of Mr. Chas Paternoster, In his Balloon the Sultan, from Vauxhall Gardens, London Object Enlevement d'une Fille de L'air Object