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915 result(s) Japanese with Kites Object Fete du Sacre et Couronnement de Leurs Majestes Imperiales Object Consolidated "Catalina" PBY Patrol Bomber ∙ U.S. Navy Object Passage de S.M. Louis Dix-Huit sur le Pont Neuf Object Print, Lithograph on Paper, Colored Object Print, Lithograph on Newsprint Object Grumman "Avenger" TBF Torpedo Bomber ∙ U.S. Navy Object Neueste Erfindung Einen Luftballon Durch Adler Zuregieren Object et se Protinùs æthereà tollit inastra via. Vincent Lunardi Esqr. Secretary to the Neapolitan Ambassador, and the first aerial Traveller in the English Atmosphere. Object Un Train de Plaisir Aérien Object The Ascent of the Royal Nassau Balloon from Vauxhall with the Parachute attached. Object Kosmische Fahrt Object