Vesta in the Light of Dawn

May 7, 2013 | 8:00pm
Presented Online | Museum in Washington, DC

The Exploring Space lectures are free, but tickets are required. Ticket reservations open January 7, 2013.

6:30 PM - View Magnificent Desolation:  Walking on the Moon 3D, a free film in the Lockheed Martin IMAX® Theater; participate in educational programming
7:30 PM - Meet the lecturer
8:00 PM - Lecture begins
9:00 PM - Stargazing in the Public Observatory, weather permitting

In September 2012, the Dawn spacecraft completed its mission at Asteroid Vesta and began the journey to its next destination, the dwarf planet Ceres.  During its year at Vesta, Dawn revealed a complex world with huge impact basins, deep troughs, a geologically diverse surface and a layered interior.  An intact survivor from the beginning of the solar system, Vesta has much to tell us about the conditions in which our planetary neighborhood took shape. Join Carol Raymond on a tour of this ancient world and learn what it can tell us about the early days of the Solar System.

Carol Raymond is a Principal Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Deputy Principal Investigator for Dawn.

The Exploring Space Lectures Series is made possible by the generous support of NASA, with additional support provided by Aerojet.