The Jet Age (1958 - Today)

From Stewardess to Flight Attendant

Two Flight Attendants
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Reflecting the social changes of the 1960s and '70s, the term "stewardess" evolved into gender-neutral "flight attendant."  Conservative uniform styles reappeared due to new laws that prohibited discrimination in hiring based on age, appearance, and gender. Men now returned to the profession as well. Free to compete by offering low fares, frequent service, and more routes, airlines no longer felt the need to hire only attractive young women to appeal to male passengers.

  • Stylish yet functional uniforms heighten the sense of professionalism of the cabin crew.
  • By 1980, United Airlines uniforms had returned to a more conservative style.
  • Comfortable uniforms designed for functionality rather than marketing enhance employee productivity.
  • Business style uniforms returned to the skies following deregulation.