Douglas DC-6 Interior

National Air and Space Museum Archives

How would you like your coffee?

Passenger, 1963

Traveling from Miami International to Idlewild, New York, via long defunct Trans America Airlines, the DC-6 was experiencing heavy weather gusts, with rain, downdrafts…all of it. Some of the passengers were complaining of leaks coming from the ceiling. The stewardess noted that it was actually coffee drops that were hanging on the ceiling after flying out of passengers' coffee cups, then dropping back down when the flight smoothed out. We made it back to Idlewild with not much more weather. When we deplaned, I noticed the crew, and the pilot especially, a rather short, red-faced, stocky fellow, who was sweat-soaked with his collar open and tie in hand. We named it the "How would you like your coffee? flight."
   — Theodore S. Tobias

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