Boeing 727 Engines
The 727 Series 200 had three Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan engines and could carry as many passengers—189—as the 707. It was the first Boeing aircraft with triple-slotted flaps, completely powered controls, self-contained aft-mounted stairs, and an auxiliary power unit to replace ground starting equipment.
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"How to Fly a Plane"

Flight Attendant, 1972

This was an early morning flight--don't remember where we were going. Our captain (who had a great sense of humor) came on board via the back end of the 727 (when that was allowed) with Coke-bottle glasses and a book under his arm that said, "How to Fly a Plane." Passengers started laughing and joked during the entire flight. The years I flew, 1971-76, were fun years, as we said and did things that today would probably have me in jail. But people were kind, fun, and a joy to work with--in most cases. I also can remember--from DCA to PIT (about 30 minutes dock to dock)--serving a full breakfast to a full plane on a 727. Ah, those were the days.
   — Anonymous

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