Apollo to the Moon

Astronaut Life

Cramped spaces and weightlessness made living in space very different from living on Earth. Consequently, astronauts had to make adjustments in various daily activities, including the way they ate, drank, dressed, and even urinated.

Apollo Razor and Shaving Cream

Health & Hygiene

For astronauts to maintain health like they would on Earth—but in a very limited space... Read more

Apollo Emergency Oxygen Mask and Hose

Breathing & Drinking

To help astronauts survive the forbidding environment of space, the spacecraft... Read more

Freedom 7 Sea Dye Marker

Medical & Survival

During Mercury, the equipment was standard military issue. The Apollo kits differed... Read more

Apollo Sunglasses

Clothing & Accessories

Astronauts were permitted one small bag for personal or small items of significance.... Read more

Apollo Space Food Beef with Vegetables

Food in Space

Space travel required that new methods be devised for keeping foods edible... Read more