Apollo to the Moon

Apollo 12

Apollo 12 Lunar Movie Camera

16mm Data Acquisition Camera

This 16mm camera was used in the Apollo 12 lunar module and landed on the Moon on Nov. 19, 1969. The camera was mounted in a window of the lunar module and was used to record the astronauts' activities outside on the lunar surface.

Apollo Tape Recorder

Tape Recorder and Cassettes

This tape recorder and cassettes were used by the crew of Apollo 12 to record notes during their flight, Nov. 14-24, 1969.

Apollo Hand Tool Carrier

Lunar Hand Tool Carrier

Astronauts used this Hand Tool Carrier during training for the Apollo 12 mission. For use on the lunar surface, the Carrier held tools, sample bags, and lunar samples. A device such as this one was taken on the Apollo 12 mission and left on the moon.