Apollo to the Moon

New Exhibition: Destination Moon

A new, state-of-the-art exhibition called Destination Moon will replace the Apollo to the Moon gallery at the Museum in Washington, DC. Set to open around 2020, after the first phase of a major building renovation is completed, Destination Moon will feature many of the key artifacts in the old exhibition, as well as some now in other locations or in storage. It will include a huge Moon mural painted by the famous space artist Chesley Bonestell in 1957, the Freedom 7 Mercury capsule Alan Shepard used to become the first American in space, the Gemini 7 spacecraft, the giant F-1 rocket engine, the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia, the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore during his walk on the Moon, parts of the Apollo Mission Simulator, and many small artifacts. The exhibition will also display the Ranger, Surveyor, and Lunar Orbiter spacecraft currently hanging elsewhere in the Museum, and at least one other robotic spacecraft from a more recent mission. An updatable unit on what is happening on or near the Moon will provide the latest news of lunar exploration. Throughout the gallery, mobile, electronic, and mechanical interactives will add new dimensions to the visitor experience. Destination Moon will bring the exciting story of lunar exploration to new generations of visitors born since Americans walked on its surface.
Neil Armstrong's spacesuit