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Now you can access additional information about artifacts in the Explore The Universe exhibition using your cell phone. The service is available at no additional charge, only your cell phone minutes apply. Call 202-747-3405 and enter the item number followed by the # key.

  1 # Introduction Exhibit Curator David Devorkin
  5 # Why is this called a mirror if I can see right through it?
(short version)
Exhibit Curator David Devorkin
  6 # Why is this called a mirror if I can see right through it?
(long version)
Exhibit Curator David Devorkin
  21 # What is this man doing? Educator Beth Wilson
  29 # Where’s Pluto? Educator Beth Wilson
  30 # What planets are missing? Educator Beth Wilson
  22 # Who invented the telescope? Educator Beth Wilson
  23 # How did Herschel make his map of the Milky Way? Educator Beth Wilson
  24 # What was Henrietta Swan Leavitt’s great discovery? Educator Beth Wilson
  27 # Do astronomers today use blink comparators? Educator Beth Wilson
  28 # How does this blink comparator work? Educator Beth Wilson
  26 # What am I looking at? (IR Camera) Educator Beth Wilson
  4 # What is a pigeon doing here? Exhibit Designer Rebekah Brockway and Educator Katie Moore
  7 #
What made it possible for you to make the discovery? Astronomer Vera Rubin
  8 # Is being a woman in astronomy an issue for you today? Astronomer Vera Rubin
  9 # What did COBE tell us about the birth of the Universe?
Astronomer John Mather
  10 # What are you working on now? Astronomer John Mather
  11 # How does someone get to use a big telescope?
Astronomer Caty Pilachowski
  12 # What’s it like to observe at the Mayall telescope? Astronomer Caty Pilachowski
  13 # What research are you doing now? Astronomer Caty Pilachowski
  14 # What led you to study the large scale structure of the Universe?
Astronomer Margaret Geller
  15 # How did you make this map? Astronomer Margaret Geller
  16 # What questions are there still about the largest structures? Astronomer Margaret Geller
  17 # Did Galileo use the telescope to prove that the Earth moves around the Sun?
Astronomer Owen Gingerich
  18 # What are some of the telescope’s greatest contributions to astronomy? Astronomer Owen Gingerich
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