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About the Exhibit

Since people first gazed up at the stars, we have searched for answers to such questions. When our view was limited by what our eyes could see, the sky was our Universe. Then telescopes deepened our view, photography enhanced it, and spectroscopy broadened it. The Universe grew from a sky of stars to a realm of galaxies, to an expanding Universe of galaxies.

Today our view grows broader and deeper still. Digital technology shows us a Universe that is evolving and elegant, yet in many ways still elusive. We have no final answers to our age-old questions. Our exploration continues.

In "Explore the Universe" you will discover how new astronomical tools-from Galileo's telescope in the early 1600s to the latest high-tech observatories on Earth and in space-have revolutionized our understanding of the Universe.


This exhibition is made possible through the generous contributions of:
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Additional support provided by:
Analytical Graphics, Inc. and Eastman Kodak Company

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