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First Light
An Ongoing Amateur Astronomy Exhibition At the National Air and Space Museum
Featured Observer:
Max Corneau
Dallas, TX
Featured Observer
The Pinwheel Galaxy
October 4-7, 2008
Featured Observer
Bode’s Galaxy, M81
October 24-25, 2008
Featured Observer
The Horsehead Nebula
December 20, 2007
Featured Observer

This view shows Max observing at his SkyWatcher Pro ED-80 refracting telescope.  He images with a ST2000XM CCD camera from the Santa Barbara Instruments Group.  Max makes color photographs by taking black and white images through colored filters, then colorizing and combining the images. 

As a member of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas, Max observes from various locations in Texas and southeast Oklahoma where the skies are less light-polluted.  He has also traveled internationally to take astrophotographs. 


Featured Observers

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