Exploring the Planets

Photomosaics of Mercury

Incoming and Outgoing Views — Mariner 10

These digital photomosaics of Mercury were made from images transmitted to Earth during the first encounter of Mariner 10 on March 29, 1974. The incoming view (left) and the outgoing view (right) are made up of more than 170 images obtained as the spacecraft approached and moved away from Mercury. In the 1970s, photomosaics were constructed by literally cutting and pasting photographs together. The incoming and outgoing digital mosaics were created by reprocessing the Mariner 10 images using modern computers and software.

Images courtesy of M.S. Robinson.

Photomosaic of Mercury- Inbound View
Photomosaic of Mercury- Outbound View
MESSENGER Global Mosaics

These global views are made up of thousands of MESSENGER images. The mosaic on the right is shown in false color to emphasize surface differences.

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Image courtesy of NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington.