The Aerial Age Begins
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Meeting with Royalty
Meeting with Royalty
In a century that would be dominated by the cult of celebrity, Wilbur and Orville Wright were the first of this new-age type of hero. Instantly famous because of a dramatic public act, the subject of sensational press accounts and broad popular adulation, their image everywhere, courted by the world’s most wealthy and influential people, the Wrights’ became the archetype of the 20th century’s familiar “overnight success.”
The Wright Brothers with King Edward VII of England
The brothers with King Edward VII of England.
Flying before Royalty
Wherever the Wright brothers appeared, royal families and heads of state came to see them fly and to meet these seemingly ordinary gentlemen who had set the world astir.
“Princes & millionaires are thick as fleas.”
Wilbur Wright
Le Mans, October 9, 1908

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Wilbur Wright and King Alfonso XIII of Spain

Wilbur discussing the finer points of flying with King Alfonso XIII of Spain.
Crown Prince Friedrick Wilhelm with Wright Aircraft

Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Germany went up with Orville at Tempelhof on October 2, 1909, the first member of a royal family to fly.