The Wright Brothers. The Invention of the Aerial Age. Wright Brothers Biography: An Illustrated Timeline.

In this online lesson, you will create a biography. You can choose either Wilbur or Orville Wright as your subject. Once you choose, you will complete a Research Sheet to learn more about your subject.

Next, you will create a Biography Page. You will select a Primary Source from the Archives to help you tell the story of your subject. Then, you will write a paragraph giving your insights as a biographer. In the Biographer's Insights, explain what this Primary Source tells you about your subject. Include the facts you have learned from all your sources. Give your insights. This is your opinion based on the facts. Write what you think is important. Say why you think it is important. When you are finished, you will print your Biography Page. You can create one or more Biography Pages. Ask your teacher.

Finally, you will work with your classmates to create a Biography Timeline by putting the Biography Pages for your subject in order by date.

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  Smithsonian. National Air and Space Museum.