The Wright Brothers. The Invention of the Aerial Age.
Wilbur Wright
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In this photograph, Wilbur is flying around the Statue of Liberty. This was an important flight for several reasons. First, Wilbur showed that people could fly safely. The photograph shows how high he flew. It shows how he could turn the airplane. It shows that he could fly over water. Second, Wilbur became more famous. He had a large audience. More than one million people saw him fly. Magazines and newspapers wrote about him. Finally, Wilbur showed how travel had changed. Henry Hudson sailed into New York Harbor 300 years before this flight. In 1909, Wilbur flew into the harbor.
Statue of Liberty Flight
The photograph shows Wilbur flying. He flew around the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is in the New York Harbor. Wilbur made this flight on September 29, 1909. New York was having a Hudson-Fulton Celebration. This was to honor Henry Hudson's 300th anniversary sailing into the harbor and the centennial of Robert Fulton's North River Steamboat. To celebrate the anniversaries, they hired Wilbur to fly. Wilbur made several flights. More than one million people saw him fly in New York. Newspapers and magazines wrote about his flights.