Who Were Wilbur and Orville?
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The 1901 Wright Glider
The 1901 glider was the Wright brothers’ second, and most problematic, in a series of three gliders leading up to their powered airplane. While larger than its predecessor—it had a 22-foot wing span and weighed 98 pounds—and capable of longer flights, it experienced puzzling problems with lift and control.
Orville and the 1901 Wright Glider
Orville stands with the new glider at Kitty Hawk
In keeping with their approach of maintaining continuity of design, the Wrights’ 1901 glider was similar in structural design and layout to their 1900 craft. The wire-braced biplane structure again featured a canard (forward) elevator and wing-warping for lateral control. Rather than the French sateen fabric of the 1900 craft, they used an unbleached muslin called “Pride of the West,” the fabric they would use on the rest of their experimental aircraft.
Aircraft Wing Area
1901 Wright glider 26.9 sq m (290 sq ft)
1900 Wright glider 15.3 sq m (165 sq ft)
Lilienthal monoplane glider 14 sq m (151 sq ft)
1896 Chanute-Herring glider 12.4 sq m (134 sq ft)
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The Wrights used this stopwatch to time the Kitty Hawk flights.
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