Apollo 7


Lunar Module: Not flown

Command and Service Module: Apollo Seven

Crew: Walter M. Schirra, Jr., commander
Donn F. Eisele, command module pilot
Walter Cunningham, lunar module pilot

Launch: October 11, 1968
16:02:45 UT
Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 34 (Saturn 1B)

Mission Duration: 260 hours 9 minutes 3 seconds

Returned to Earth: October 22, 1968
splashdown 11:11:48 UT (7:11:48 a.m. EDT)

Retrieval site: Atlantic Ocean 27° 32' N, 64° 04' W

Retrieval ship: U.S.S. Essex

  • First U.S. three man mission
  • First flight of Block II Apollo Spacecraft.
  • First flight of the Apollo spacesuits.
  • First flight with full crew support equipment.
  • First live national TV from space during a manned space flight.

Apollo 7 Launch