Apollo 9


Lunar Module: Spider

Command and Service Module: Gumdrop

Crew: James R. McDivitt, commander
David R. Scott, command module pilot
R. L. Schweikart, lunar module pilot

Launch: March 3, 1969
16:00:00 UT (11:00:00 a.m. EST)
Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A

Mission Duration: 241 hr 0 min. 53 sec.

Returned to Earth: March 13, 1969
splashdown 17:00:54 UT (12:00:54 p.m. EST)

Retrieval site: Atlantic Ocean 23° 15' N, 67° W

Retrieval ship: U.S.S. Guadalcanal

  • The first mission in which the use of names for spacecraft was again authorized.
  • First test of LM in space.
  • First test of Portable Life Support System in space.
  • Rendezvous and docking after 6 hour and 113 mile separation in space.
  • Schweickart performed 37 minute EVA.
  • A "D" mission, so the "D" in McDivitt on the mission patch had a red interior which signified the "D" mission.
  • Space vehicle weight at liftoff: 6,397,005 lb. (2,901,681 kilos)
  • Weight placed in earth orbit: 292,091 lb. (132,492 kilos.)

Apollo 9

Apollo 9