The National Air and Space Museum holds in trust over 60,000 artifacts and more than 20,000 cubic feet of archival materials. Historic aircraft and space artifacts, such as the 1903 Wright Flyer and the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia, highlight the National Collection.

Thousands of additional artifacts—including engines, rockets, uniforms, spacesuits, balloons, artwork, documents, manuscripts, and photographs—document the richness of the history of flight. A wide variety of these artifacts are on display at the Museum in Washington, DC and the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA.


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485 result(s) Wing Nuts, Bolts and Washers, Lockheed Sirius "Tingmissartoq", Lindbergh Object Propellant Inlet Lines, Rocket Engine, Liquid Fuel, Gemini Reentry Control Syste Object Missile, Surface-to-Air, Rheintochter R I, Servomotor Object Belly Panel, Right Side , Horten H IX V3 Object Liner, Rocket Engine, JATO, M17G Object Engine starter crank, Lockheed Sirius "Tingmissartoq", Lindbergh Object Missile, Forward Main Body, Surface-to-Air, Enzian E1 Object Pocket, Leg, Pressure Suit, A7-L, Lovell, Apollo 8, Flown Object Wood Templates, Rutan VariEze Object Control Surface Cover, Henschel Hs 117, Schmetterling Object Patch, Flag, Russian Federation Object Floats, Cascade Kasperwing 180B Object
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Our collections specialists actively work on the conservation, preservation, restoration, and long-term care of the objects in our collection. From full-scale restoration projects to applying preservation techniques and doing regular assessments, these activities form a crucial part of our stewardship of the National Collection.

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