The First American Astronauts - Mercury 7


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Astronaut Advice

Reflections on Apollo

Record-Setter Peggy Whitson

Pick Up a Book and Read!

Astronaut David Wolf

Basketball in Space

Finding Inspiration at Air and Space

Thank Your Teachers

Astronaut Joe Acaba


Middle School Myths with Adam Savage

Popularity and Success

Abilities and Interests

Dealing with Bad Grades

Weird Hobbies

Middle School Minute


People Who Inspire

Pioneers of Flight

Master of the Stratosphere: Alan Eustace

Nancy Grace Roman "Mother of Hubble"

The Life Lessons of a Tuskegee Airman

Katherine Johnson

"First Man" Neil Armstrong

Afghan Refugee Inspires Kids

The "Rope Mother" Margaret Hamilton


My Path to Aviation and Space

Alaskan Pilot Ariel Tweto

Around the World with Barrington Irving

NASA Leader Dava Newman

Astronaut Trainer Travis Fitzgerald

NASA Engineer Bo Naasz


Learning from Failure

Flight Director Gene Kranz

Astronaut Jeff Williams

Lockheed Martin Engineer Danielle Richey

Astronaut Anna Fisher

Engineer Jared Leidich

Astronaut Scott Tingle


My Path to Public Service

Captain Sterling Gilliam

General John E. Hyten

Commander Ray "Gator" Stromberger

Chris Lopez

Firefighter Jeff Stroud


Solving Problems

America's Innovator Dean Kamen

Hurricane Hunters

Meteorologist Ginger Zee

Solar Physicist Kelly Korreck

Astronomer Hannah Wakeford

Volcanologist Alexa Van Eaton

Astronomer Tom Barclay



Astronaut Paolo Nespoli

Bandleader Doc Nix

Astronaut Michael Good


Switching Jobs

Zoology Student to Astronaut

From Target to NASA Engineer

From Student to Spacewalker

Construction Worker to Astronaut

Baseball Player to Astronaut

Musician and Engineer

7-Eleven to NASA

Intern to Astrophysicist

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