NASA astronaut Sunita Williams exercising on a treadmill aboard the International Space Station, 2012.

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Lightning Lesson: How to Make Your Own Eclipse

Lightning Lesson: How to Create Eclipse Art

Lightning Lesson: 5 Fun Ways to View an Eclipse

Lightning Lesson: 7 Facts About Solar Eclipses


Experiments in Space

Scientist or Guinea Pig: Science In Space - STEM in 30

Learn How Experiments Are Conducted on the ISS - ISS Science

“Taternauts” and Spacesuits: How Astronauts Stay Safe in Space - ISS Science

Hear from the First Astronaut to Sequence DNA in Space (Kate Rubins)

Honeycomb in Aerospace

Get Your Hands Dirty With This Classroom Demo!



How Geckos Helped JPL Make Some Really Cool Robotics

How Honeycomb is Used in Aerospace

How Lizards and Cockroaches Inspire Space Technology

How Sticky-Fotted Lizards Inspire Space Technology


Spaceflight and the Human Body

Space Lingo: What Is "Puffy-Head Bird-Legs?" - ISS Science

The Biology of Long-Term Spaceflight - STEM in 30

Why Do Astronauts Exercise At Least Two Hours a Day in Space? - ISS Science

Astronaut Jack Fischer Finds Himself in Hot Water... Sort of

Learn About Rocket Launches Using Balloons - ISS Science

How Fast is the Speed of Light?


Try This at Home

Call to Action : A Middle School Student's Guide to Keeping Earth Nice

Recycled Science: How to Make a Mason Bee House

How to Bee Helpful

Lightning Lesson: How Do Bugs Walk on Water?

Gardening Time With Astronaut Peggy Whitson

Discover how Friction works with Astronaut Paul Richards - ISS Science

Karate and Air Pressure with Astronaut Michael Good: ISS Science

Lightning Lesson: Magic or Science? Learn How This Cool Coin Trick Works