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Planetary Science

Explore our learning resources related to planetary science.

Teach your students and kids about our solar system and planetary science with National Air and Space Museum resources, including interactive activities, blogs, videos, episodes of our middle school webcast STEM in 30, What's New in Aerospace talks, AirSpace podcast episodes, the EZ Science video series with director Ellen Stofan, and more.

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All Planets

Planetary Images

Exploring The Planets

Learning Lab: Planetary Topography

What's Your Perfect Planetary Destination?

Kepler's Laws of Orbital Motion


Dwarf Planets, Meteors, and More

What an Accidental Discovery Told Us About Pluto

AirSpace: When You Wish Upon a Star

AirSpace: Big Iron



Geography from Space

Looking at Earth

Air is Stuff

Gravity in Orbit

Gravity Keeps Us Down to Earth



The Fun of Finding Exoplanets

Search for New Planets

The Search for Habitable Planets

Planets in the Goldilocks Zone



The InSight Lander, Looking Deep into the Red Planet

Technological Breakthroughs of the Viking Lander

Today, Mars is warmer than Earth. See how we compare.

AirSpace: Out of the Frying Pan

AirSpace: Good Vibrations

EZ Science: The Path to Mars

STEM in 30: Mars

STEM in 30: Mars Rovers



EZ Science: Moon/Apollo

First Moonwalk Fits on a Baseball Field

Moon Rocks with STEM in 30

Open Space - Lunar Observing


Outer Planets

Discovering Mysterious Features On Saturn’s Moon Dione

40 Years of (Triton) Summer

Out of This World Storms! Hurricanes on Jupiter



Parker Solar Probe's Mission to Solve Stranger Things

A Supersun (And Why It Doesn’t Mean Summer Weather)

EZ Science: Our Favorite Star