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AirSpace is the first podcast from the National Air and Space Museum and is co-hosted by Emily Martin, Nick Partridge, and Matt Shindell. 

AirSpace Host Emily Martin

Credit: Nicholas Karlin

Emily Martin:

Emily Martin has been studying the icy moons of the outer solar system since before it was cool. Her superpower is keen observation, which she uses to explore the surfaces of icy moons to infer what is going on deep down inside them - almost like X-ray vision, right? In a previous life, Emily was a professional ski instructor, where she first learned to explain the influence of gravity on icy bodies.

Nick Partridge:

Nick Partridge grew up watching Space Shuttle launches from a pier near his house. He’s been talking about spaceships ever since, and now does so for a living. Nick enjoys visiting museums off the clock and making new friends on cross country flights. He came to the Smithsonian by way of NPR-member station WUGA in Athens, GA, where he mostly talked about the weather.


Host of AirSpace Nick Partridge

Podcast Host Matt Shindell

Matt Shindell:

Matt Shindell is the Curator of Planetary Science at the National Air and Space Museum. He is a historian of science, poet, and BBQ enthusiast. At his day job, Matt spends most of his time researching the history of robotic exploration of the Moon and planets, mostly looking at the work done by humans on Earth to make sense of the data sent home. He also likes to think about the place of science in American history and popular culture. He loves science fiction and can sometimes be found browsing the graphic novel section of his local comic book store.