Earth from Above

The Museum's theme of the month for October 2020 is Earth From Above. 

Join us all month as we explore how we have viewed our home planet from above and the art of ballooning that took us aloft for the first time, through virtual educational programming and other digital content.


New Earth From Above Content

EZ Science: Balloon Science

Explore how NASA uses balloon science to better understand our planet and universe in this episode of EZ Science, featuring Museum director Ellen Stofan and NASA associate adminstrator of science Thomas Zurbuchen. 

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Earth Optimism Videos

In this new video series,  scientists from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the Smithsonian’s Movement of Life Initiative share their complementary expertise and the role of space and aviation technologies in studying our changing world.

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Middle School Webcast: The Art and Science of Ballooning

Learn about the art and science of ballooning from Air and Space experts and ABC’s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee in this episode of our middle school webcast series STEM in 30.

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Soar Together: Family Activities

This virtual family day, which can be enjoyed anytime, features videos, interactive activities, and digital content highlighting the diverse history of ballooning. 

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Additional Earth From Above Content

Blog: Aerial Photography

Trace the history of photographing our home planet from above, from hot air balloons and carrier pigeons to satellites and spacecraft.

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Looking at Earth: An Astronaut's Journey

Hear firsthand from NASA astronaut and former NOAA administrator Kathy Sullivan about her life of exploration and discovery and her career of looking at Earth from land, sea, and space.

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Review: "The Aeronauts"

Discover what the 2019 film "The Aeronauts" got right (and wrong) about the daring balloon flight of  James Glaisher.

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