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Gather your little ones for story time with the National Air and Space Museum. In this story, the Sun visits their star friends that can be found in our neighborhood of the Milky Way. We find out the Sun’s friends are all different colors and sizes, but they are all stars. After the story, museum educator Ann Caspari will make shadow puppets that you can play with in the sunlight.

The What's New in Aerospace? series, presented in collaboration with NASA, is open to the public and will cover recent research, developments, and discoveries related to space.

Soar Together @ Air and Space is a monthly family-focused program from the National Air and Space Museum. By engaging in these activities and experiences, families can imagine their own futures by sharing in the stories of innovators and explorers from diverse backgrounds who challenged conventions and changed the world. Each month we will focus on a different theme. 

Join the National Air and Space Museum for Sally's Night to celebrate the wonder of our universe from wherever you are. Sign up to get the FREE Sally's Night Celebration Guide, full of activities for the whole family. The guide will be sent by email on June 18.

Join educators from the National Air and Space Museum as we explore our dynamic solar system. In this live, interactive show, participants will explore how planets in our solar system change over time, and how some have seasons - and others don’t! Staff will be there to answer your questions about our cosmic neighborhood and beyond. This program is designed for families with kids ages 8-12, but all are welcome to participate!

Listen Together
Under Ancient Skies

Get lost in space with Under Ancient Skies, a collaboration between the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Diplo, with words by the museum, music from Diplo’s album MMXX, and narration by Hrishikesh Hirway. As a companion album to MMXXUnder Ancient Skies expands on the theme of our connection with nature to explore our human experience in the cosmos around the globe and throughout history, from the ancient world to contemporary understandings of the universe. 

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