Want to take your engagement with air and space content anytime and anywhere?  

Our Anytime Scavenger Hunt competitions are aligned with our Anytime Expedition content and STEAM Labs challenge students to demonstrate what they know about the topics in a way that embraces creativity and multiple learning styles. These scavenger hunts are flexible enough to be done on-site during a visit to the Museum or can be completely remote.  

How To Reserve Your Scavenger Hunt

To register for an Anytime Scavenger Hunt, pick a start date for your experience within the registration form. The start date will determine the window of time your students may participate and be scored in the virtual game corresponding with your experience.

You and your students will have access to the game during a two-week period that starts on the date you selected as part of your registration.  You can request to modify the period by emailing nasmfieldtrips@si.edu.

Game Preview

Anytime Scavenger Hunts use the GooseChase program. These scavenger hunts can be completed using any handheld device.

If you would like to see a sample game, download the app and select which enrollment option you want to preview.

Create your own team:
Search/select the Sample Goosechase for Teacher Preview game or enter the following Game Code: QM366Q

Auto assign a team: 
If you would like to preview what automatic Team enrollment looks like enter the following Game Code: QM366Q and then either of the Access Codes: Alpha or Golf

The games we provide do not require players to create an account or login and we do not collect any student data in this app. Please see our policy on the Privacy of Minors at https://www.si.edu/privacy/kids.  


Living and Working in Space

A GooseChase competition that challenges participants to identify the different ways that being in space can affect the body and the different precautions that astronauts take to protect themselves.

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Finding Our Way

A GooseChase competition that challenges participants to locate different elements of their own community that are important for GIS mapping. 

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Mission to Mars

A GooseChase competition that challenges participants  to incorporate what they know about Mars.

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World War II

A GooseChase competition that challenges participants to remember what they have learned about World War II.

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Earth and Its Place in the Universe 

"The Incredible Sinking Moon" is a GooseChase competition that challenges participants to demonstrate what they have learned about the relationships between Earth, the Moon, and the Sun and solve the mystery of the shrinking moon.

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Paper Airplane Design 

A GooseChase competition that challenges participants to apply aviation concepts to the world around them.

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Anytime Scavenger Hunts are made possible by the generous support of Barron Hilton.