Pegasus XL Launch Vehicle

Pegasus XL Launch Vehicle

Cylindrical, with pair of high mounted swept-back or truncated delta wings with a double-wedge profile, blunt nose cap, three clipped equidistant moveable delta wings at rear; protruding nozzle; overall, painted flat white, with canary yellow wings tips; interior of nozzle, black; with shiny silver nozzle protective closure plate across nozzle throat; three shiny silver discs on the base of each of the three rear fins; single split fairing line along fairing section at front; two separation rings, silver-colored, titanium, between the name Orbital, on both sides of the body, and before payload section at front; payload fairing consisting of two composite shell halves and a nose cap integral to a shell half, and a separation system. This Pegasus XL lacks its avionics. Three electromechanically-actuated control fins mounted on the aft end of the fuselage provide pitch, roll, and yaw control of the vehicle while it is still in the atmosphere. Small rockets mounted in the base of each fin augment the control authority when the vehicle reaches the upper atmosphere.

Created By:

Dane Penland


Launch Vehicles; Space

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