Venus - Aug 18, 2012

Venus - Aug 18, 2012

Venus is receding from the Earth.  This image was taken at the National Air and Space Museum's Public Observatory on August 18, 2012, at 11:08 am.

Venus appears half-full now.  As it gets further ahead of the Earth in their orbits around the Sun, it appears smaller (because it's more distant) and more full (because we see more of its daylit side). Compare to earlier images taken on July 6 and June 27, 2012. This image was taken with a different telescope, which has a different field of view, but this picture has been cropped to the same field of view as the other images.

Telescope: Tele Vue-85

Camera: Lumenera SKYnyx2-0C

  • WEB12582-2012

  • Copyright/Owner: Smithsonian Institution
  • Source: Smithsonian Public Observatory Project
  • Photographer: Geneviève de Messières
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