Voisin Type 8

Bottom view of two wheels and framing of Voisin Type 8 aircraff
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In November 1916, The Voisin Type 8 entered service as a French night bomber. To operate at night, the aircraft was equipped with internal bomb racks, cockpit lights, and provisions for landing lights. The Type 8 was intended to be powered by a 300-horsepower Hispano-Suiza engine. The Hispanso-Suizas?s engine was not available in sufficient numbers and a 220-horsepower Peugeot 8 Aa engine was used. To accommodate the bulkier and heavier Peugeot engine, the Type 8 required an enlarged and strengthened fuselage, and greater wingspan. It was fitted with either a single machine gun or a 37 mm cannon. Highlighted in this image is the landing gear of the Voisin Type 8.




Eric Long and Mark Avino

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