Museum Specialist

Grade: IS-1016-09
Term of Appointment: Not to Exceed (NTE) 2 Years
Type of Position: Trust
There is no supervisory status or promotion potential


This position is located in the Collections Processing Unit (CPU), Collections Department, Collections Archives and Logistics Directorate, National Air and Space Museum (NASM), Smithsonian Institution, which is responsible for properly protecting the National Collections of Aeronautics and Space Artifacts in perpetuity, guaranteeing intellectual as well as physical control over those collections.


Major Duties

Perform tasks of a technical nature in support of collections management. Works with a crew of museum technicians and specialists that are responsible for the packing, handling, moving, transporting, storing, and monitoring of artifacts such as airplanes, helicopters, aircraft engines, missiles, cannons, guns, spacecraft, satellites, spacesuits, uniforms, art, and other related aeronautical and space objects, many times serving as the team leader for such projects

Routinely makes use of the museum’s computerized collections information system, The Museum System. This includes creating specific artifact records, adding information to those record, and working with the Curatorial Departments and other units of the Collections Department to keep records up to date.

Disassemble, assemble, load, unload, secure, crate, or cradle aforementioned types of artifacts. These tasks require the incumbent to design and construction cradles, dollies, and other supports necessary to ensure safe handling, movement, and storage of the artifacts. Performs all types of artifact handling operations, including de/installations, which require the operation of trucks, hoists, forklifts and similar equipment.

Articulate and communicate to the team the assignment, project, problem to be solved, actionable events, milestones, and/or issues under review, and deadlines and time frames for completion.


Experience: For this position specialized experience is defined as working in a museum environment handling aeronautical and space artifacts such as: airplanes, aircraft engines, helicopters, satellites, spacecraft, missiles, space suits, guns, and cannons; caring for and cleaning; cataloging; creating and enhancing digital collection records; utilizing collection database to assist with digital assets management; preparing, compiling, and transmitting reports; performing collections processing by: packing, handling, moving, and storing of aforementioned types of artifacts utilizing equipment such as forklifts and dollies; and disassembling, assembling, loading, unloading, securing, crating, cradling, or creating containers/mounts for artifacts. Must have a valid driver’s license.

Education: Two full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a master’s or equivalent degree related to this position may be substituted to meet the experience requirements.

Or a Combination of Education and Experience.

Security Clearance

Some jobs require a security clearance.  The security clearance level depends on th type  of access to the classified information and secure faclities that you'll need to perform your job.

For jobs that require a security clearance, you'll need to provide at least 10years of personal information and maybe more.  You'll need to complete the Standard Form 86 (SF86).

staff photographing the star ship enterprise

To Apply

Send resumes and transcripts to,; please use Museum Specialist - (01) in the subject line.

The Smithsonian is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.  Women, minorities, people with disabilities, and candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.