View of the conservation lab.


Our conservators play a vital role in caring for our more than 60,000 objects from turbo jets to leather jackets.

As trained professionals, they use their specialized knowledge and skills in the arts, science, and other fields of study to stabilize artifacts and, if needed, reintegrate the appearance of deteriorated objects. Our conservators also monitor and help maintain the most stable environment for our artifacts, provide guidelines for objects on display and on loan, and assist with large artifact restoration projects. They strive to honor the history and integrity of technological achievements and perform scientific research to understand the composition of cultural materials, and to evaluate the success of treatments.

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Horten H IX V3

Horten Ho 229 V3

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise

Detail of Armstrong's Suit

Armstrong Spacesuit

  • Conserving Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit

    Lisa Young, objects conservator at the Museum, works on Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit in the Emil Buehler Conservation Laboratory.

  • Using a lift to clean shuttle.

    A conservator uses a lift to clean Space Shuttle Discovery

  • Conservator Inside Aircraft

    A conservator works inside an aircraft to remove overpaint. 

  • Two conservators working over an airplane print.

    Two Museum conservators work on lining a print. 

  • Conservator uses a device on a helmet.

    A Museum conservator uses a colorimetry device to determine the concentration of color compounds in an Apollo helmet.