International Space Station

The Museum's theme of the month for November 2020 is the International Space Station. 

November 2020 marks 20 years of continuous human presence on the International Space Station (ISS) — an incredible example of scientific achievement and international cooperation. Since 2000, we have been sending astronauts to live and work in the orbiting laboratory. Through these videos, stories, and activities, explore what we have learned from the ISS.


New International Space Station Content

In Conversation with Suni Williams

Enjoy this replay of our program celebrating 20 years of the International Space Station featuring astronaut Suni Williams, whose next spaceflight to the ISS will be aboard the Boeing CST-100 Starliner.

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Soar Together: Family Activities

This virtual family day, which can be enjoyed anytime, features videos, interactive activities, and digital content highlighting the history and science of the ISS.

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Podcast: "Station to Station"

In this episode of the Museum's AirSpace podcast, explore what astronaut life is like when they aren’t doing the extraordinary science, essential maintenance, and extraterrestrial chores necessary to sustain our home in space. Believe it or not, astronauts get days off too!

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EZ Science: Exploring Our Orbiting Laboratory

Incredible science is conducted every day on the International Space Station. In the latest EZ Science episode, hear about this science and what's next for human spaceflight from Museum director Ellen Stofan and NASA's Thomas Zurbuchen.

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Middle School Webcast

Teach your kids or students about the International Space Station with this 30 minute educational webcast for middle school students featuring hands-on activities, interviews with astronauts, and more. 

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Story Time

Your little ones will love this story time just for them — including a hands-on craft to build a space station.

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Additional International Space Station Content


When repairs are needed on the International Space Station, astronauts don their spacesuits and venture out on a spacewalk. Learn about extravehicular activity (EVA).

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How To: Spot the Station

The ISS orbits about 240 miles above the Earth, which means we can sometimes see it from our backyards. Discover how to spot the station in this how-to video.

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Blog: Showering in Space

The gravity situation on the International Space Station makes doing everyday activities a challenge on the ISS. In this blog, read about how astronauts have bathed in space, from Apollo to the ISS.

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ISS Activity Guide

Learn what astronauts eat on the International Space Station, design your own mission patch, and spot the real space station from your backyard in this learning guide for students in grades 5-7.

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