Stand, Model, Missile, Air Launched Cruise Missile (AGM-86A)

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This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. It is either on loan or in storage.

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This is a stand for a model of unknown scale of the AGM-86A (Air-to-Ground Missile), a short-range version of the U.S. Air Force air-launched cruise missile which was used in six test flights in 1977. Shortly thereafter, development of the AGM-86B started for use on B-52H intercontinental bombers. Using a turbofan jet engine and carrying a nuclear warhead, the AGM-86B is preprogrammed for high- or low-altitude flight and can fly at Mach .73 in excess of 1,500 miles. Actual deployment of the AGM-86B started in 1982. Beginning in 1986, some AGM-86Bs were fitted with a conventional warhead and improved guidance systems and this missile was denominated AGM-86C. The AGM-86C flies at about the same speed, but its range is classified. A number of AGM-86Cs were launched by B-52H bombers against Iraqi targets during the Gulf War, and the missile has been used against Iraq and targets in other nations since then.

The stand's manufacturer is unknown. John and Cynthia Heyde donated the model and stand to the museum.