Dr. Evelyn Crellin

Curator, European Aviation

  • Aeronautics Department

Evelyn Crellin

Evelyn Crellin was a curator in the Museum's Aeronautics Department from November 2012 until her retirement in early 2017. Crellin earned a MA from Leipzig University (Germany), and a PhD from the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich (Germany). From 2008 to 2010, she held Verville and Guggenheim Fellowships at the National Air and Space Museum, and has been involved in research and writing projects, as well as service to the public.   

Dr. Crellin is the author of two books (both in German). In "Schneidige deutsche Mädel:" Fliegerinnen zwischen 1918 und 1945 ["Dashing German Girls:" Women Pilots between 1918 and 1945], published in 2007, she studied the phenomenon of German women sport pilots up to World War II, including their economic, propaganda and war contributions. This book was awarded the Hugo Junkers Award of the German Aviation Press in 2008. In Deutsche Luftfahrtpioniere, 1900 - 1950 [German Pioneers of Aviation, 1900 to 1950, with co-author Jörg-M. Hormann], volume 1 of a planned series,  she represents the biographies of 54 German pilots, aircraft designers, scientists and administrators that shaped German aviation in the first half of the 20th century. 

Dr. Crellin also published numerous articles and represented papers at conferences in the United States and abroad, among others in Germany, Canada and Great Britain. 

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