Rebecca Ljungren

Education Specialist

  • Education

Portrait of Rebecca Ljungren in front of Observatory

Rebecca Ljungren is an Education Specialist at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Her main role is as an Astronomy Education Program Coordinator, managing all aspects of the Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory and related astronomy education programs and content. Rebecca’s activities include developing and conducting in-person and virtual programs for the public; training and mentoring educators, interns, and volunteers; organizing and conducting outreach at the local and national level; and developing exhibitions.

Rebecca began developing her expertise in informal learning and interpreting science and history while working part-time at the National Air and Space Museum while earning her B.A. in Art History from American University. She went on to earn an M.A.T. in Museum Education from George Washington University. Her professional interests include examining the relationships between science, history, art, and social justice. Through her work, she advocates for an equitable, inclusive, and accessible experience for all within museums and in daily life. 

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