Corrections for Radar Remote Sensing of Plantary Surfaces

The following are corrections for mistakes that have been found since the publication of Radar Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces by Bruce A. Campbell:

Chapter 2

  • Equation 2.72: There should be a square bracket at the end of the equation.

Chapter 3

  • Figure 3.21: The rock is just a rock, not a "rock analyzer".

Chapter 4

  • Eq. 4.20 - the term inside the brackets should be (1-delta_t*c/(2*r)).
  • Equation 4.27 requires an additional term in the denominator for the variation in projected area of the frequency resolution elements. The correct expression is presented in this PDF file.

Chapter 5

  • Figure 5.14 - The vertical axis should be labeled as the dimensionlessbackscatter coefficient.
  • Eq. 5.22 - The w(f) term here refers to the normalized spectrum of a surface, such that the units of the spectrum are m^2. This differs from the definition of w(f) given in Eq. 3.20 for the power spectrum of a profile, for which the units are m.
  • Equations 5.23 and 5.24: the exponent on the denominator should be 2, not 1/2.
  • Equations 5.30-5.31. These expressions are not properly normalized for illuminated area (see associated PDF file for revised equations). The curves shown in Figure 5.10 are thus correct in their relative shape, but the vertical scaling between the curves is arbitrary.
  • Figure 5.8: curves use incorrect values of the alpha terms from Eqs. 5.23-5.24.
  • Figure 5.9: curves are correct.
  • Page 158, just above Eq. 5.49, should read "...(ii) the phase difference 
    between the HH and VV echoes, relative to single-bounce reflections, is 
    180 degrees."

Chapter 7

  • Equation 7.7: The value of zeta should be replaced by -(zeta)

Chapter 9

  • Table 9.1 - The use of the coherent scattering model to derive roughness may be biased by the normalization problem noted for Eq. 5.30.


  • Ostro, S.J., et al., 1992, correct page numbers are 18,227-18,244