Airplanes: The Life Story of a Technology

Book Cover: Airplanes, The Life Story of A Technology

Airplanes: The Life Story of a Technology,

Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO


2006, 9 x 6 inches, 160 pages.

Hardcover: ISBN 0-313-33150-2, $45

by Jeremy R. Kinney

The invention of the airplane redefined the way in which people travel, conduct commerce, spend their leisure time, and wage war. From the Wright brothers' wood-and-fabric Flyer to the modern jet aircraft, the airplane has evolved in countless ways as its many uses have unfolded. The development of safe and efficient air travel required solving multiple engineering riddles about aerodynamics, control, propulsion, and structures. This volume in the Greenwood Technographies series shows how the solutions to these riddles helped spur dramatic changes in the world's social and cultural life.