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Date of Story: 8/5/2018

I remember when I first visited the museum, it was an experience like no other. I enjoyed every minute I spent there exploring ...thank you so much for the opportunity

Sonny F.

Date of Story: 6/17/2018

A group known as the Walldogs ( will be meeting in Streator, Illinois June 26-July 1st to paint historically themed murals. Our team was assigned the "Flight of the Vin Fiz" and we are excited to present Cal Rodgers' story of the first Transcontinental flight in 1911.

Ronald R.

Date of Story: 1959 1962

As we moved into Englewood Colorado in 1958 and my father went to work at the Littleton Martin company located in Waterton Canyon i became vary interested in the rocketry programs he was a part of..I had seen vary unusual vehicles carrying rockets between two tractors on a lowboy type bed situated between them. The vehicle was painted in the military AF blue. Both cabs front and rear set hi in order to navigate the streets as they shipped the missile to its destination to be loaded for air transport. My curiosity fed my interests in keeping abreast of the space program from then on. Dad didn't talk much do to security situations but non the less i watched the news. At the age of 15 back then it was amazing to watch. i will inquire of you any information on that ground vehicle. I would love to build a model of one.

Laurie Seifert Williams

Date of Story: June, 2006

I have long referred to myself as a “Trekkie” by default: I married one and gave birth to one.

In 2006, my mother and daughter joined me on extended visit to the Washington, D.C. area. As a lifelong fan of NASA, sparked by my birth on July 20, 1969, my daughter knew a trip to Air and Space would be on the agenda. We were each allowed one special day to choose an activity - she went to a Pokémon competition, I went to a jazz festival, and her grandmother went to a quilt show near Dulles. My daughter and I did not want to go to the same quilt show, so I looked for something nearby we would enjoy. To my great pleasure, I discovered the Udvar-Hazy museum.
The day we arrived, I had told Terran that we would be seeing the Enterprise, which excited her so much! Alas - her excitement was dashed when we had the following conversation upon our arrival:
Me: Look, Terran - there’s the Enterprise!
Terran: Where? I don’t see it!
Me: Right there! (pointing directly across from us)
Terran: Maawmm!? I don’t the starship anywhere?!?!!
Me: Terran. The Enterprise was the first Space Shuttle. . .
Terran: Oh. (finally sees the shuttle.) Ok.
Me: Let’s go take a picture in front of it for your dad!!!!
Terran: Whatever.

Since then, we have both grown - I am now a Trekkie in my own right and she is a fully-fledged space geek. We have visited the Shuttle Endeavor as a family and discuss NASA news quite often.

Thanks for keeping us space geeks connected in this crazy time.

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Sean Bastick

Date of Story: 1979-2019

In 1979 my father worked with President Carter. I was 5 years old at the time and we were renting a house in Alexandria, VA. Even though we were only there for a year we must have visited the Air and Space museum at least 20 times. Every time we went we saw To Fly on the big screen. After moving back to Ohio we continued to visit DC every 4th of July and sometimes during cherry blossom season. Every time we returned we went back to the Air and Space museum to see our favorite exhibits and to watch To Fly. My fathers favorite exhibit was the Enterprise as he was a Star Trek junkie. I loved it as well. I loved the moon rock and every time I was there I waited in line to touch it. For my brother he loved the plane that had Ryan written on it because that was his name. When my kids were born I kept the tradition and would bring them to DC for the 4th of July and the Air and Space museum became their favorite as well. Over the years I have been part of the many changes, some good and some sad. I miss that I can't see To Fly because it is only played once a month now and so far it hasn't been there playing when I visit. Many years ago we did buy the VHS cassette for my Mom because it was her favorite movie. She loved the part with the train. Sadly that cassette no longer plays and they do not offer that movie to sell. This is the first year since 1979 that I will not be there for the 4th because everything is closed. My children are older now and I know that when I become a grandparent my grandchilds first 4th of July will be spent in DC and the Air and Space will be the first museum I will take them to. Hopefully To Fly will be playing that weekend.

CAPT Gary M Andres USN ret

Date of Story: 17September2020

Most people have heard the term “Army Brat”, Navy Brat, etc....when referring to the children of career Military personnel.....have you ever heard the term “Space Brat”? We were the children of the multiple contractors and NASA personnel....that constantly made the moves “from and to” Edwards AFB, Houston, the Cape, White Sands, Huntsville, Patuxent, Langley (I went to six different schools in the first grade alone!!). My father, was a life long employee of North American Aviation, later Rockwell International. I was fortunate to witness various early launches of Little Joe II at White Sands....and later the Apollo launches from the Cape. When Apollo 11 headed for the heavens, I was a Sea Explorer in Titusville Florida....walking the Florida shoreline with my fellow Scouts, selling programs to tourists. The weekend between the launch and the moon landing, I did a Scout overnight canoe trip in Juniper Springs....then back home, to witness Neil Armstrong’s first steps down from the LEM’s the moon’s surface. They were exciting, heady times. My Dad recently passed....and I am going through his meticulous employee records. In his den, surrounded by the models of the airplanes and spacecraft that he he worked on, and numerous Saturn V launch pictures and paintings, I’ve been reliving those over fifty years ago.....when my brothers and sister.....and I.....proudly earned the title “Space Brats”.