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We want to hear about your memories of visiting our Museum and stories about how aviation and spaceflight have impacted your life.

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Date of Story: 8/5/2018

I remember when I first visited the museum, it was an experience like no other. I enjoyed every minute I spent there exploring ...thank you so much for the opportunity

Sonny F.

Date of Story: 6/17/2018

A group known as the Walldogs (www.thewalldogs.com) will be meeting in Streator, Illinois June 26-July 1st to paint historically themed murals. Our team was assigned the "Flight of the Vin Fiz" and we are excited to present Cal Rodgers' story of the first Transcontinental flight in 1911.

Ronald R.

Date of Story: 1959 1962

As we moved into Englewood Colorado in 1958 and my father went to work at the Littleton Martin company located in Waterton Canyon i became vary interested in the rocketry programs he was a part of..I had seen vary unusual vehicles carrying rockets between two tractors on a lowboy type bed situated between them. The vehicle was painted in the military AF blue. Both cabs front and rear set hi in order to navigate the streets as they shipped the missile to its destination to be loaded for air transport. My curiosity fed my interests in keeping abreast of the space program from then on. Dad didn't talk much do to security situations but non the less i watched the news. At the age of 15 back then it was amazing to watch. i will inquire of you any information on that ground vehicle. I would love to build a model of one.