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How has Star Trek influenced your life or career?

How has Star Trek influenced your life or career?

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Date of Story: 09/10/2016

From July 1974 to March 1976 I was in the USAF, stationed at Andrews A.F.B., MD. During that time, I was one of the individuals who worked to restore the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's P-40 Warhawk. (I helped to restore the instruments and instrument panel) The P-40 was restored to flying condition, of which, I saw the taxi test, and it's first flight after the restoration. Some time after the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum had taken delivery of the P-40, and long before the museum was opened, they invited those of us who'd worked on the restoration, to the museum, to see the P-40, and the other exhibits that were completed. They gave us a tour of the place, and along the way they showed us the early stages of a Star Trek display. In a box was the (33") 3 foot model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), along with other Star Trek props. I recall the tour guide showing us the model, pointing out that there were no lights on the left side as it was only filmed from the right side. There were wires hanging from it, but I don't recall where they exited the model. When we finally got to see the P-40 we'd restored, we were a bit dismayed as it was hung from the ceiling, and none of our work on the instruments and instrument panel could be seen. I regret that I have no photos or physical proof, but I know it was there.

Date of Story: 09/24/`6

Star Trek has always provided "hope" that our world will endure the challenges of today and tomorrow because the human heart has the capacity to love, endure and survive. Captain Picard and the crew of the Star Ship enterprise represent the best of all of us.

Sophie A.

Date of Story: Present day 2016

Star trek and I have a bit of history. I first watched it on telly and was instantly amazed by the mixed cultural living harmony the show created. I suppose that it was this ideology that has helped me become the person I am today.

The technology facinated me incredibly though and made me wonder if I could try and recreate it. Needless to say it mostly failed leaving numerous radios and electronics broken or dismantled. Pleasingly I did manage to create some stuff that sort of worked and was delighted. It was when the character Sarah MacDougal appeared as Chief Engineer that I realised that I could do it. Jersey is a small island filled with a lot of narrow minded people. So to have a young girl turn around and say I want to be an engineer, well let's just say I was laughed at by most. Thankfully my mum was there to encourage me.

Star Trek was the first time that I saw women in positions of power and responsibility and it gave me strength thank you star trek xxx

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Brian L.

Date of Story: October 4, 2016

Although I was too young to watch the The Original Series (TOS) in the 60s, I did grow up watching the re-runs in the 70s. Like clockwork, I would watch our old black & white TV everyday after school at 4pm on channel 12. TV Guide would just list the name of the show but not the episode, so each day I was surprised by the episode, and whenever my favorite episodes aired, I was ecstatic. I have seen every episode countless times, and like the stereotypical Trekker can probably name the episode based on a short plot description!

During the 70s, my dad was a truck driver and was gone a week at a time. In the partial absence of guidance from a strong male figure, I gravitated to the characters on Star Trek for my guidance and personal character development. From Kirk I gained courage and a sense of loyalty and dedication -- the same he always showed for his ship and crew. From Mr. Spock I learned how to be logical and rational. And from Scotty I learned how to be a tinkerer and problem solver.

Today, some 40 years later, I can definitely say I became an engineer and scientist largely because of Star Trek. As a kid I built models of the ships and props used on the show, and I have never lost that enthusiasm for tinkering and building. I owe Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry a great debt for influencing my life in such a positive and constructive way. So as I look forward to the next movie or series release I raise a glass to you, Mr. Roddenberry and Star Trek. May the adventure continue!

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Max T.

Date of Story: 07 Oct 2016

I remember watching Star Trek with my family as a young child. My father worked at Tinker Air Force Base which was a maintenance facility for jets and strategic bombers. My father had been a leader in the Air Scouts before he got married and was a huge fan of NASA. I remember watching the lunar landing on TV with my whole family and then listening to it again with my dad on his reel-to-reel tape player. He and I still share a love of science, technology, aviation, and space exploration. It seems strange to have lived through some of the events in history that Star Trek predicted but never came true while still enjoying technology that Star Trek encouraged. Star Trek actually changed the course of the future by simply existing and setting an example for what could be that was better and achievable.

James H.

Date of Story: 10/24/2016

I grew up on a mountain in West Virginia. Life was tough. We had an old B/W RCA television with rabbit ears and poor reception. Of the available programming, Star Trek was amongst the programs my mother allowed us to watch. I had been watching the show as far back as I can recall and it gave me the inspiration to be both bold and decisive as well as the understanding that you can think your way through most any situation. Later as I entered High School I realized I had an aptitude for electronics that had stemmed from watching Star Trek. I followed my passion and became a Computer Engineer. I am a Systems Administrator and I teach Computer Programming and Technology. I often use Star Trek anecdotes to liven up my lessons and engender interest in the subject. Thank you for your vision Gene Roddenberry, may the wind be at your back!

Marlea H.

Date of Story: 10/24/2016

I became a civil engineer.

Charles H.

Date of Story: Late 1980s

I have loved Star Trek for my whole life! I was born in 1984, and I clearly remember watching TNG as early as three or four years old, when it was first on the air. I honestly used to think that it was an accurate and absolute vision of humanity's future, and it gave me so much hope and happiness. I continue to live my life by being the best version of myself I can be, to help bring us one step closer to the hopeful future we deserve.

Matthew C.

While some people took inspiration from the future that Star Trek portrayed, I was always memorized by how the behind the scenes crew realized the future in practical terms. As a kid, I'd absorb all the making-of materials - books, interviews, video features etc. Members of the art department became heroes to me as much as some of the fictional characters. I duplicated the artwork of the logos, computer panels etc in my textbooks at school endlessly - which was good practice. As a result of all that subconscious training I now work as a graphic artist on television shows such as Doctor Who and Red Dwarf.

John O

Date of Story: 10-24-16

Star Trek helped create a subtle pathway between the two hemispheres of my young brain: the left hemisphere's linear scientific innovation and the right hemisphere's interpretive, poetic and impressionistic way of understanding. Through Star Trek, I learned it was cool to explore the frontiers of science as well as to know Shelly's "Adonais," and what is meant by "The conscience of the King" and "a Dagger of the Mind." Write on, Alan Dean Foster...

Guy S.

Date of Story: Season 3

In the late 60s, I grew up in a sports family -- mom, dad, two brothers, a sister. I spent my time reading science fiction. It's not that Mom and Dad didn't read, they just didn't use story to escape real life.

When he wasn't playing baseball, football, and hockey with my brothers, he watched STAR TREK. I turned 11 in 1968 and was fascinated by both science and science fiction. I loathed sports -- and Dad knew it. One night, I got to stay up late. He was watching STAR TREK. I was hooked.

We watched the entire third season together and for the first time, we had something in common. No brothers, sister or Mom shared STAR TREK. We continued to share that love for decades. Then, on the day the STAR TREK Reboot premiered, I gathered my dad, my own son, and a man I've been friends with longer than I've known my wife and we went together.

Now my father is a victim of Alzheimer's Disease -- and in lucid moments, we still share STAR TREK.

STAR TREK gave me a long-lasting bond with my father that would have never been there otherwise.

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James W.

Date of Story: 10/26/2016

I grew up watching star trek, lost in space, and also of course the NASA moon landings. I was so inspired that I later became an astrophysicist. Today am an observatory director and astronomer. I designed our telescope control room to look like a starship bridge. My future was shaped by star trek!