Soldiers Leave their Mark

Posted on Thu, April 6, 2017

As the war dragged on month after month, year after year, soldiers faced countless hours of idle time in the underground shelters that were their protection from the battle occurring above. They produced carvings on a variety of subject matter into the soft limestone. Among the most common were recognition of their units and expressions of patriotism.


Carving with heart.

Close up engraving in stone.

Engraving in stone of stars and stripe emblem.

Engraving of American flag

Carving on stone engraving

This German carving was made by tunnel miners as a morale booster for soldiers passing through the tunnel to the trenches. It translates as “God Strike England.”  “Good Luck.”    The German phrase “Glück auf” is actually uniquely an expression miners use for good luck. The more common German phrase is Viel Glück.

Photographs by Jeff Gusky

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