Are you Smarter than a Curator?

Posted on Mon, May 16, 2011

Judging from the high number of readers who take the quiz in our monthly e-newsletter, What’s Up, lots of people enjoy a good brain teaser now and then. Well, here’s a chance for our blog readers to put themselves to the test.


Smarter than a Curator Smarter Than A Curator Sticker


Created by Roger Launius, senior curator for lunar and planetary spacecraft, this five-question quiz will test your knowledge about space exploration and related artifacts in the Museum’s collection. Best of all, it’s not only a fun way to find out how much you know, it’s also a great way to support the National Air and Space Museum. Every question you answer correctly earns ten cents for the Museum, helping support the incredible work that goes into creating a wealth of memorable experiences at both our locations. Plus, after you complete the quiz, you are eligible to receive a free “Are You Smarter than a Curator?” sticker.

Roger Launius

 Roger Launius, senior curator in the Space History Division of the National Air and Space Museum


So, think you have what it takes to answer questions created by one of the Smithsonian’s world-renowned curators? It’s time to find out — take the quiz today! Tell your friends! The more people who participate, the more money will be donated to the National Air and Space Museum. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. Want to do even more to support the National Air and Space Museum? Become a member in the National Air and Space Society, and/or place a name on the Wall of Honor. The quiz is available from May 16 through June 17.

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