Benjamin A. Cosgrove

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    Air and Space Benefactor

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    M. Virginia Cosgrove

Mr. Cosgrove was a major contributor and a leader in the design, production and service of Boeing Commercial Airplane products for over forty years. He served as a stress engineer and structural unit chief on the B47, B52, KC135 tanker, 707, 727, 737 and 747 jetliners, and the Supersonic Transport Program. In 1973, he became Chief Project Engineer for the 707, and in 1976 was appointed Director of Engineering for the 707/727/737 Division. He later served as the Chief Project Engineer and Director of Engineering for the 767 Program, and in June 1983 was promoted to Director of Engineering for the 747/767 Division. In 1985, Mr. Cosgrove was promoted to Vice President & General Manager for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Engineering, and in 1989, he was promoted to Senior Vice President.
During his role as VP Engineering, Mr. Cosgrove took an active leadership role in working with regulatory agencies, airlines, and other airplane manufacturers in helping to define the policies and guidelines associated with aging aircraft. He later became the Senior Vice President for Technical and Government Affairs. He was responsible for all liaisons with regulatory agencies in matters of design and technology, and was Commercial Airplanes' senior executive on safety matters. He retired in 1993 after 44 years of service to The Boeing Company.
Mr. Cosgrove's awards and various recognitions are as follows:
• SAE Recognition Laurels, 1983 - Role in converting three-man cockpits to two-man cockpits.
• University of Notre Dame, College of Engineering Award, 1985 -Distinguished achievements in engineering, management and service to the field of aviation.
• SAE Franklin Kolk Air Transportation Progress Award, 1988 -Advancement of Civil Air Transportation
• Royal Aeronautical Society Fellow Induction, 1990.
• Design News Magazine Special Achievement Award, 1991.
• Wright Brothers Trophy, 1991 - Lifetime Contributions to commercial aviation safety and technical achievement.
• National Academy of Engineering Induction, 1992.
• University of Notre Dame, Honorary Doctorate, 1993.

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