Pan American World Airways, Inc.

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    Pan Am-National Retiree's As. N.C.F. Inc

Pan Am's contribution to the airline industry has been the product of a team of men and women whose goal was to make it safer, more economical and enjoyable to fly as a passenger.

The airline began its international operation in Key West in 1927 and terminated operation in December 1991. The interim was filled with many firsts, beginning with the development of the flying boat and air navigational facilities in Central and South America, to enable scheduled operation, followed by the first operation of large passenger flying boats in the Pacific and then the Atlantic Oceans.

When the entry into WWII was imminent, the airline was requested to build airports and develop an air transport system across Africa. Upon the declaration of war, the company facilities and personnel were made available to the government. Pan Am operated the "Cannon Ball" run, from Miami to Karachi and later Miami to Casablanca under the Air Transport Command of the Army Air Corps. The Pacific Division operated flying boats out of San Francisco across the Pacific and the Atlantic Division across the Atlantic, under the command of the Navy. The entire operation was for the purpose of carrying troops and cargo.

Pan Am was responsible for numerous changes and advances in the aircraft manufacturing industry, major advances in seaplane design and in the development of long range operation over ocean aircraft such as the Martin M-130 and the Boeing 314 seaplanes. Pan Am was much involved with Boeing in the development and operation of the 6707's, 6747'5 and 6747SP aircraft, and was the first U.S. Carrier to operate them in passenger service.

The men and women of Pan Am are justly proud of their airline and its accomplishments. It is no longer an operating entity but its retirees have banded together, striving to keep the memories alive. It is in this spirit that the members of North Central Florida Retiree Club are pleased to contribute to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in the name of Pan Am and its retirees.

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