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Fri, May 22 2015

Glenn Curtiss Motorcycle

You may know the name Glenn Curtiss in association with early aviation, but did you know he was a pioneer in motorcycle design too?

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Cutiss V-8 Motorcycle
Thu, April 16 2015

Remembering Marat N. Tishchenko

Marat Tishchenko developed helicopters that have affected the course of international affairs around the globe for five decades.

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Marat Tishchenko
Mon, January 12 2015

Paul Garber’s Target Kites

Paul Garber (1899-1992) is a legend around the National Air and Space Museum, and rightly so.

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Paul E. Garber
Tue, June 4 2013

Solar Impulse

What flies using power from the Sun, at the speed of an ultralight, on wings longer than a Boeing 777 airliner? Answer: Solar Impulse! A team of Swiss entrepreneurs, engineers, pilots, and enthusiasts began to design the Solar Impulse in 2003 with the goal to demonstrate flying day-and-night powered only by the electricity that more than 11,000 individual solar cells generate. The electricity is stored in batteries when not used, and spin the propellers on four 10-horsepower electric motors when in flight.

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Solar Impulse
Sat, August 7 2010

Thirtieth Anniversary - First Public Demonstration Of Solar-Powered Gossamer Penguin

On August 7, 1980, 30 years ago today, Janice Brown flew the Penguin almost 3.5 km (two miles) that day in 14 minutes, 21 seconds. This was the first sustained flight of a solar-powered aircraft and the longest Penguin flight since development had started on the aircraft two years earlier.

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Gossamer Penguin