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Wed, August 29 2012

Neil, Flat Stanley, and Me

I knew Neil Armstrong, not all that well, but for a very long time.

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Thu, November 10 2011

Holiday Tips for Visiting the Museum

As the weather gets cooler and Thanksgiving approaches, I start thinking about the throngs of holiday tourists that will be lining up to get a chance to view the great stuff we have here at the Smithsonian.  For our holiday visitors, I’d like to suggest the following tips for a more enjoyable visit.

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Wed, March 30 2011

In the Good Old Summertime!

The Visitor Services Division at the National Air and Space Museum is shaking off the winter doldrums and preparing for another exciting summer season.

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Tue, June 2 2009

Selecting the Astroland Star

A Smithsonian Institution curator whom I greatly admire once said that collecting objects for a museum is a bit like standing next to a river with a bucket.  The curator’s task is to gather examples that explain what is important about something (in this analogy, a river), but the curator can only take what fits in the bucket.  How do you capture the essence of something large and complex with a sample that is small enough to be preserved and displayed?

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